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Consultations are available in Camberley, Surrey.

*** Telephone readings are also available on 01276 682027 ***

Prices start from £40.00. My specialties include:

• Private Sitting
• Psychic Consultation
• Tarot Reading
• Palmistry
• Psychometry
• Dreams Analysed

• Future Forecast: 6 month £40 / 12 month £70. Incorporating the Tarot, this reading will give you positive guidence and identifies the highlights and theme of each month.

*** Telephone Readings  -  £40.00 half hour ***

To book a consultation, telephone me on the number shown below.

Telephone 01276 682027

*Gift Vouchers are available for all Consulations including Telephone Sessions.*

Please contact me for further details and a quotation.

Mystical Parties from your home or special function (8 people or more). A unique evening of various psychic demonstrations allowing you and your friends to participate and share a glimpse of the mystical world, very enjoyable and intriguing.

Business Advice - My intuitive advice will enhance your business requirements. Whether you are starting a new business or already established in business, intuitive knowledge can greatly assist you.

Corporate Events
After Dinner Talks
Half day talks on the power of the mind and the benefits of positive thinking.



Drink to me only with thine eyes
and I will pledge with mine,

Or leave a kiss but in the cup
and I’ll not look for wine.

I will reveal your lovers true colours and intentions and tell you what
he/she thinks and feels about you.

Are any of these questions on your mind? If YES contact me for an appointment and the answer.

  • When will I meet my soul mate?
  • Where will I meet them?
  • My lover has left me, will they come back?
  • I have just met someone special, how will this turn out?
  • Will the relationship I am in last?
  • What does he/she feel about me?
  • Will I have any children?
  • Should I change my job?
  • Will I be successful in my chosen career?
  • Will I move house?
  • I want to know about....?

Remember, no problem is too big or too small. I will tell you everything you will need to know and for your complete peace of mind who ever you are, your confidentiality is strictly assured at all times.

With love,

Consultations are available in Camberley, Surrey.

*** Telephone readings are also available on 01276 682027 ***

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